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Tokyo Disneyland opened its doors on April 15, 1983. As the first Disney theme park outside of the United States, TDL continued the standard of high quality entertainment and excitement for children of all ages in Japan and throughout Asia.
The Park became a successful Resort destination with the addition of Tokyo DisneySea opening in 2001. 2008 sees Tokyo Disneyland celebrate 25 years!

Tokyo Disneyland

World Bazaar

Tokyo's own version of "Main Street" is under a steel and glass covering above the Guests. This land offers a mixture of architecture from Victorian-age buildings to small town America coziness and charm. There's another walkway called "Center Street" that leads to "Adventureland" and "Tomorrowland".


Explore new and exotic lands in the amazing recreation of the classic Disneyland themed land. Tokyo's version is where you can find "Pirates of the Caribbean". Other popular attractions include "Jungle Cruise", "Western River Railroad", and the "Enchanted Tiki Room". Get set for a great time in the jungle!



Round 'em up and shoot 'em off here in Tokyo's "Frontierland". Here you can catch the Country Bears' fun performances, ride the Rivers of America aboard the "Mark Twain Riverboat", or take the wildest ride in the wilderness on "Big Thunder Mountain". And lastly, don't forget to explore famous "Tom Sawyer Island".


Critter Country

Enter a place where the small cute animals outnumber you 211 to one! Join Brer Rabbit and friends and take a wild and wet ride down "Splash Mountain!" The smallest of the themed lands features an underground restaurant, a photo opportunity and the "Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes!" Let's ride but don't get wet!



Escape into a wonderful world that includes timeless classics like "Snow White's Adventures", "Peter Pan's Flight", "it's a small world" and others. Watch out for the ghosts of the "Haunted Mansion!" And the centerpiece of the Park is the beautiful "Cinderella Castle", but a mysterious tale awaits below!


Welcome to Toontown! Come on now be a toon for a day! That's right, you'll find yourself in Mickey's neighborhood as well as find all your favorite Disney characters. Visit "Minnie's House", "Chip N Dale's Treehouse", "Goofy's Bounce House", or "Donald's Boat!" You can even take a spin with Roger Rabbit!



Journey through the galaxy and explore worlds beyond in this futuristic land. Let's go on a trip with "Star Tours" or swoosh through the universe in "Space Mountain!" Have fun going around in circles on the classic "Star Jets" or help shoot down some bad aliens on "Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters!"



Shops and Restaurants




DisneySea Plaza

Welcome to the tribute of the open seas. Guests are greeted to the Parks themed ports as they enter and view the "AquaSphere". The "Plaza" also is also where one can see banners of special events, get help for a variety of services and take a picture with their favorite characters!


Mediterranean Harbor

Go away to the land in a romantic area along the Mediterranean. These themed port is home to the "Hotel Mira Costa" as well as a number of restaurants. Ride with the singing gondoliers or take a trip on the transit steamers or discover the wonders of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers!


American Waterfront

Take a walk down a street in turn-of-the-century New York or a peaceful stroll along the shores of "Cape Cod". This area provides a view of a great luxury ship and a stunning musical theater. Along the "Hudson River" docks, one can relax in the quite "Waterfront Park" or take a ride on some spiffy autos.

Mysterious Island

The largest tribute in the Park is a mammoth active volcano in the middle of the Park. As an homage to Jules Verne's world and works, this themed port is home to an indoor thrill ride and an awe-inspiring underwater exploration. You'll also be able to find the most popular snack stand in the whole Park!


Port Discovery

Prepare to journey into the future of transportation and technology. Experience the fun of randomly riding on water aboard some wayward vessels. Take a wild flight into the eye of an approaching storm and see what happens when things don't go to plan. For something more peaceful, take the railway!


Lost River Delta

You're in a dense jungle near the old ruins of an ancient civilization. The place in central America and you're an explorer searching inside a lost temple. Walk around as your go on a trip avoiding the wrath of the gods. Now that you've made it through that with your life intact. Have a cerveza and take a siesta!


Mermaid Lagoon

You're invited to swim through "Triton's Kingdom" and view the sites of "Ariel's Playgound" in this underwater fantasy world for the entire family. Play with the jellyfish, race the blowfish or spin around in the whirlpool! You can also meet Ariel in person or ride on the Park's first rollercoaster!


Arabian Coast

Explore the distant and mysterious lands of Arabia with Aladdin and his friends. Whether you ride along with the Genie or see a surprising magic show, you'll be sure to get a smile! Watch out for the evil Jafar before you go on an adventurous journey with Sindbad! Make sure you get back safely!



Shops and Restaurants

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